Harvesting The Old Fashioned Way
annual show with family fun and entertainment

Traction engine drives thresher

31 Aug and 1st September 2024

Old farming methods and fun

This harvesting show is a rare opportunity to witness working examples of long forgotten farming methods. Come to Oldwick Farm to see the harvest being gathered in as well as an exciting show. Planned events include working traction engines, threshers, binders, combine harvesters, ploughs, old vehicle displays, a show ring, refreshments, a beer tent, commercial stands and fun for children, such as face painting, children's rides, children's tug of war, bouncy castle, a fun dog show including doggy fancy dress, etc.

Old fashioned Harvesting methods demonstrated

This annual event has proved to be enormously popular and is back again after the Covid disruption. The farm where it takes place grows large areas of wheat. In one very large field about half of the crop is harvested in advance of the show to provide space for the show ring, stalls, displays and other activities mentioned above. Alongside is where antique farm machinery should be working hard to bring in and thresh the rest of the wheat crop. Elsewhere in areas where the harvesting is complete expect to see antique machinery working hard to plough in the stubble and produce a fine seed bed ready for sowing next year's crop.

Scenes captured at previous harvesting the old fashioned way shows

Traction engine drives thresher

Traction engine plus threshing machine

John Deere Model D 1948 with International McCormick Binder

Binders cutting and ejecting sheaves

Harvesting sheaves using pitch fork

Sheaves being pitch forked onto a trailer

Allis Chalmers Allcrop 60

A combine harvester cutting and threshing

A bouncy castle

Bouncy castles are always such fun

Minature tractor and trailer

Little rides round the site for little folk

Rides on large trailer pulled by tractor

Large rides round the site for all sizes

Food stalls and beer tent

Plenty of food stalls and a beer tent

Charities supported from the event

• Midhurst Macmillan Service
• Royal Agricultural Benevolent Fund (Charity for farming families in difficulties)

Horse drawn plough at harvesting the old fashioned way event

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